Monday, July 28, 2008


Cullan Hudson, of Strange State, has an excellent entry on the research regarding the alleged tales of this location. His basic research into the validity of one aspect of the legends surrounding the location are proof of the value of preliminary historic research. Despite several state groups visits to the place, the findings have been non-existent or questionable. It is, however, a delightfully charming and historic location for a weekend get-away, even sans ghosts. [Image courtesy of Cullan Hudson].


Anonymous said...

All I can say is that during our investigation of the Stone Lion Inn we did get a few EVP's that we could not explain away. We have several of a little girl making "monkey" sounds and her saying "momma" and one of here saying "it's right there" you can check it out at our website. It haunted? well we had several EVP from what sounded like a the same entity in several areas of the house with one being interactive. So the question I would pose to those who say that is not haunted is what constitutes a haunting?

Co-Founder RVPRI
Fort Smith, Arkansas

Word Woman said...

The location may very well be haunted...the point to the story was that it would appear that historic evidence does not support the "legend" that has grown up around the identity of the child. Given the history of the community and the place it would be a surprise if there were not ghosts lignering on....