Wednesday, July 9, 2008


According to a local newspaper account, picked up on Legends of America, Bristow, Oklahoma has at least one ghost story. It involves a woman hit by a truck and who appears at a local convenience store... One of the complexities of paranormal research is why one ghost haunts and not 1929 a thirty eight year old man with two small children was killed in a gas main explosion near the 8th Street entrance to the City Cemetary...yet no one has ever reported seeing his ghost (Jess Hudson was the man's name). Finding out the difference and the why would be an important contribution to the field.


Craig Ware said...

It might seem rather simplistic, but, to me the only reason he has not shown up is because he is in Gods' presence.

Anonymous said...

It could also be due to the circumstances of her death that she reappears. I recall when the woman was hit, the highway was closed off for several hours. According to the story, she had been in an argument and fight with her significant other and was walking down the highway. A truck veered onto the shoulder and struck her, killing her. Perhaps she had unfinished business?