Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Once a speakeasy of prohibition days, where criminals such as Pretty Boy Floyd were said to wet their whistles, this establishment is said to be haunted by more than one customer. Located at 1226 NE 63rd, OKC (405) 478-4955 /the current "Country Line Resturant", Oklahoma City location, is in an "old 30's classic deco structure with a great view of the downtown lights in the distance. Structural highlights include curved glass brick, a curved ceiling & sweeping curved bar. Just two minutes from the Cowboy Hall of Fame. Open for Lunch & Dinner 7 days a week." Various groups, such as PROS and GHOULI have conducted investigations. It has been featured on several paranormal and mysterious television specials as well. It bears continued investigation. Apparently, the Austin location of this chain also lays claim to being haunted as well. Go for a visit and enjoy good food, great atmosphere, and the knowledge that even if it is not haunted - it is a real piece of Oklahoma history.


Anonymous said...

Used to work there when in college about 15 years ago. I have felt the presence of "something" when I'd work big parties upstairs...yes there is an upstairs. Also in the back of the restaurant by the bar area...go outside into the shed area...weird vibes there. If you eat in one of the rooms as you first walk in the can tap on the floors...and under the carpet you can hear the trap doors creaking. There is a tunnel that runs to the house across the street...yeah that spooky little house that noone lives in...anyhow...there's something in that place...what...I don't know. The old bartender spooked really bad once...all I ever experienced is a feeling of someone right over my shoulder and interesting noises and taps.

Anonymous said...

I am the co-founder of okcparanormal and we also have investigated the County Line. I can only attest to one confirmed death at this business. A decapitation of a servant in the 30's when the place was known as Mitchell's Oak Cliff. There were no other recorded deaths despite my researching for over 40 hours. Neat place to investigate though.

Anonymous said...

We went to eat there just before the place closed down. I had to go to the ladies room and as I was in the restroom I kept hearing the toilet next to me flushing. It flushed two or three times and I knew I was alone in there. It was creepy and cold in there. I came out of the stall and opened the one next to me and it was empty. I was so creeped out, I washed my hands and hurried out. Wish I had brought my daughter in there with me!