Sunday, July 6, 2008


Ghouli, an Oklahoma based paranormal team, has worked to carve out a niche that places paranormal legends and activity in line to assist local communities to bolster sagging economies. They encourage Main Street projects, city tours, etc. of local legends and haunted places. Ideally, local storytellers and such groups might team up to provide exciting and professionally competent entertainment as well. Walking tours or trolley tours "after hours" could be a source of revenue...and not just at Halloween! The money brought in could help to preserve, maintain, or improve historical areas of a community. The funds might go to local charities and into downtown improvements benefiting the entire community. The funds might go to buy books, computers, and furnishings for local schools, hospitals, or libraries. Contact the state storytelling organization, The Territory Tellers, for information about storytelling, storytellers who specialize in ghost stories, etc. Contact, Ghouli for information about developing local walking, bus, or trolley tours in your area.

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