Friday, January 30, 2009


Oklahoma Libraries are great community resources providing information and recreation to an entire community and to inquiring strangers. They will usually offer courteous and factual information to even a paranormal researcher. It is recommended that instead of dropping in to demand to see the "spooky stuff", a group or individual should develop a relationship with the library, offer to volunteer, and help with fundraising, etc. Demonstrate that Paranormal groups give back to their communities...

"Broken Bow Public Library. This 1998 building stands on the site of a former high school. Sometimes at closing, staff members report a cold spot and argumentative voices in the southeastern corner of the library.

Inola Public Library. Books often move themselves forward and fall off the shelves in this small facility built in 1969.

Waurika Public Library. Housed in a historic Rock Island railway depot built in 1912, this library’s haunt is responsible for books falling repeatedly off the shelves, phantom telephone rings, and doors opening and closing. A translucent male apparition has been photographed. "

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