Thursday, July 3, 2008


Based on research by MH Research the following are geographic features by county with the bizarre words (or variants such as possessives) of “Devil”, “Dead”, "Skull", "Skeleton" and “Ghost” in the names:

"Devil" is found in the names of hill, ridges, canyons, hollows, and peaks in Caddo, Pushmahata, Ottawa, Latimer, Mukgogee, and Haskill Counties. Names include: Devil's Backbone, Devil's Canyon, Devil's Hollow, Devil's Peak and Seven Devil's Peak.

"Dead" is found in the names of gaps, hollow's mountains, crossings, springs, lakes, and rocks in Osage, Sequoyah, Tillman, LeFlore, Pontotoc, and Johnston Co. Names include: Deadman Gap, Deadman's hollow, Dead Woman Crossing, Deadman Springs, Deadman Rock and Deadman Mountain.

"Ghost" is found in the names of mounds and hollows in Payne, Caddo, and Creek Co. Names include: Ghost Mounds and Ghost Hollow.

In addition waterways appear with names contaning the words "skeleton" and "skull": Skeleton Creek in Garfield and Logan Co. (it appears to dump into the Cimmeron River. The Skull Creek travels through Payne and Creek Co.

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