Sunday, June 29, 2008


Built in 1903 by one of the early leaders of the community, the house is described as "This three-story French chateau-style home is fitted with the original furnishings of the Overholser family, including Brussels lace curtains, English carpets and French stained glass windows". According to a listing on Paranormal Soup "The house is said to be haunted, having doors closing by themselves, bedspreads gaining "impressions" of people lying in them, curtains being pulled back by themselves, and apparitions appearing. The apparition of a woman with no legs, in particular, has been seen. Some believe this to be the ghost of Anna Overholser, Henry's second wife. " When author Cullan Hudson (Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma, 2005, 2007) sought to view and photograph the location for his book he was informed that they did not want to encourage that kind of thing; apprarently in more recent years that attitude changed as several paranormal groups alledge to have conducted research in the mansion. It may that, like many other places across the country, it was discovered that the possibility of a place being haunted does not drive away customers, but rather, it lures them in.

[Photo courtesy of Cullan Hudson]

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