Thursday, July 10, 2008


Do you want your website to look professional even if you can't hire a high dollar designer? Here are some tips to help make your site look more professional. Note, some website providers place creative restrictions making some changes impossible.

1. Use a clear - easy to read font.

2. Avoid dripping gore fonts, dancing ghosts, and animated tombstones - if you want to be taken as "serious". These are the "plastic pocket protectors" sending an alert...."danger, Para-Geek!!" Run for you lives!.. Of course, if this is your fun, personal pages...go for it!

3. Avoid "busy" and overdark backgrounds - as they tend to compete with the text or text boxes.

4. Aim for bold, clear, well-contrasted titles.

5. Keep images small - as overlarge can be hard for some people with slower systems to load.

6. Strive for a unified "look"in colors and styles.

7. Add statements of responsibility, contact (electronic and snail), and date of last update (so people know how up-to-date your page is and active your group).

8. Providers like "MySpace" and "GeoCities" can be pretty restrictive and humdrum - so if you want more creative control, try other providers such as or or another free/small fee provider.

--Courtesy of Kevin and Shade at "Byte Marks", 2007. Used with permission.

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