Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ghoulie reports: "Para-Con - Oklahoma's Paranormal Conference date is Set! March 21st, 2009 in the Historically Haunted Elks Lodge.... It is a community event. We promote travel and tourism and we want it to continue throughout the year.
Instead of allowing the media to place our event with Halloween "fluff" we have stepped out of the box and moved it until next year. This years Oklahoma Para-Con theme is "It was a Dark and Stormy Night". We will be celebrating Ghost Stories! Yes, Ghost Stories. The importance of them, the effect they have on people and the passion that is connected with those that are involved in the field. It's all about the STORY and we will be celebrating it!
Conference time- It has also changed. Instead of the early to rise conference, Oklahoma's Para-Con will start around 4 - 5PM into the night. We will have our speakers on stage front and center. We will not do "break out sessions". All speakers will be heard. We will then follow the conference with an independent film about Ghosts!
Pricing- As always... pricing for Oklahoma's Paranormal Conference is affordable. Tickets will range from $20 to $30 for the entire event. We are aware of the economy today and we will be working to make this event affordable and fun for everyone. No strings attached. **vendor space is very limited, please contact us for details. We do not have a lot of vendors for a reason. We do not host a flea market, it's a Paranormal Conference!***
Speakers- Well, we have some great speakers in line and confirmed. We will have the video highlighting the speakers up very soon. We are waiting for confirmation from just a couple people. We have hand picked the best of the best to speak at this conference! No blatant self promotion of ghost hunting teams, just the celebration of the Ghost Story! We will have skeptics, believers and even a few familiar faces. Great live radio shows, Ghost films and more!
As always- Plenty of Food, Drinks and fun! Lodging will be offered at a discount rate. Hotel information will be posted soon. As always- Any tour proceeds will go directly into Preservation and Mainstreet programs to keep our history alive in Oklahoma.
Good news- A New Oklahoma Haunt book will be released at Para-Con! You think you know Oklahoma? Think again! New Book! Written by Tonya H of GHOULI and Tammy W. of EerieOK."


Anonymous said...

fuck you dumb cunts!

Anonymous said...

This is the best event in the state of Oklahoma. Rumor is this conference is going to include a lot of Oklahomans and investigators that have been out of the lime light for a while. That is going to be awesome!

P.D. said...

But WHO are the speakers going to be? My group lives in the Muskogee area and everyone is wanting to know who the speakers will be before they decide to commit coming to ParaCon '09.

I can see by the first comment that it is attracting some super intelligent people....

Anonymous said...

I am an Oklahoma paranormal researcher that is proud of my heritage, and concerned about the latest developments concerning the amazing wrath of Mother Nature upon our State of mind.

This conference will undoubtedly combine the thoughts and bots that be.

Paraquakes? Paranormal weather phenomena? Lake Thunderbird has lived up to it's name reported by published news reports. All these, and other events lead to this conference being a very special soul-train of consciousness.