Tuesday, May 20, 2008

OKLAHOMA PARANORMAL GUIDEBOOK: Some "Haunted" Oklahoma Locations

The following are some of the most common spots listed as haunted in Oklahoma:

Ft. Gibson
Ft. Washita
Ft. El Reno
Black Jail - Guthrie
LaBady Mansion- Bartlesville
Kulli Tukilo Methodist Church - Idabel
Carey Place - Oklahoma City
Kitchen Lake - SE OKC/MWC area
Old women's dorms/ AGR Frat House- OSU, Stillwater
"Dead Woman's Crossing" - Weatherford
County Line Resturant - OKC
Walls Bargain Center- Shawnee
Music Store - Shawnee
Cate's Center - OU
Tulsa Area:
Cain's Ballroom
Brady Theater
Tulsa Little Theater
Tulsa Garden Center
Sparky's Cemetary
Riverside Park
The Cave House
The Gilcrease house
Labadie Mansion
The Brady Mansion
The Camelot Hotel
The Mayo Hotel
Peace of Mind Bookstore
Old Bellview School (Jason's Deli 15th & Peoria)
Empire Bar
Brady Mansion
Hex House Lot
Club Majestic
Lola's & Fox Hotel
Philbrook Mansion
The White House - Jenks, OK

Due to significant debunking the following are not listed:
Choctaw Library, Choctaw Middle School, Stone Lion Inn


Mrs. G said...

The place in Bartlesville is spelled Labadie not LaBady.

Word Woman said...

Thanks. That was the only spelling I could find after someone had mentioned it....

i love ryan! said...

The schools in Bartlesville The Mid-High and Central middle school are known to be haunted too! They are both haunted by girls. I don't know what happened to the girl who died in or around Central but I do know the girl at the MidHigh got hit by a car in the 60's and she died and she comes back to mess with her locker. And where her locker is you can see her foot prints. Some say they have seen her. I havent but it would be pretty cool too. But Bartlesville wants to sugar coat everything they don't put it on the internet! I wanted to look it up and read more about it but no. grr! made me mad. but I just thought everyone should know about those too schools that are haunted.

Anonymous said...

Ghost Mound should be listed here.

Anonymous said...

check out klondike cemetery in pauls valley its haunted.

derik.hackney@yahoo.com said...

please go check out ghost hill in springer, ok. some people swear its haunted. I think its either a optical elusion or some kind of magnetic field. It hasn't gave me no heebee jeebees so, but other people try to say there use to be a witch using spells trying to keep people away from her hill.