Wednesday, May 21, 2008

IF LOOKS HAUNTED.....Chances are it is NOT!

Scan the pages of any Internet site and you will find phrases such as "it looks haunted!" or "it is a creepy place - I bet there are ghosts there!" The truth of the matter is that a haunting can -and often do occur - in very prosaic places. Modern suburban houses filled with bric-a-brac and office buildings in strip malls. How something looks is no gauge of its value or merit or haunted-ness. There are, however, some places that sensitives can identify (and sometimes others) as having a "feel" or a "mood". Sometimes there is a sense that "something lingers on." There can also be places "tainted" by emotions, actions, or negative spirits. So - despite what all the horror novels and movies have enjoyed telling us for decades - if it looks spooky - it probably is not.

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